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WTF is… a meme?

WTF is… a meme?

12. 03 .2014

Well as maybe there are still some poor bastards out there that are unfamiliar with the whole meme culture and are therefore highly irritated by our website we have to talk about: WHAT THE F* is a meme? Although it’s highly unlikely that you’re browsing our page without knowing what a meme is, we still thought we’d kick our monthly blog series off with a small lesson on the whole meme phenomenon as this seems to be quite a nice starting point...

  • 28. 10. 2016., AT-1014
  • 28. 10. 2016., AT-4030
  • 28. 10. 2016., AT-3343
  • 28. 10. 2016., AT-3441
  • 28. 10. 2016., AT-4600
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